Welcome to Sound-Eklin™ Marketing

Hello Sound Employees!

While the industry has been buzzing about Sound’s new ad campaign, the newest news is all about looks. Shying away from tried and true, Sound has grown up and its facelift is catchy, bold and modern. Just ask Melvin, he’ll tell you that Sound never cuts corners on its image, or product for that matter.

Sound has revamped its corporate image including logo, stationary, web site, messaging, internal communication, packaging – you name it. No more orange tones and cliché product images – Sound has taken a stance with its modern brand approach and its new logo, design and packaging shows it. But it’s not just a logo that demands this kind of attention; it’s the company’s new attitude of change and shepherding others to join them in a veterinary revolution.

You will be receiving new stationary, cards, email templates - you name it. After logging in, please click on FILESHARE to the right and download all the new branding materials for your use including the new Logo, PPT templates, electronic stationary when writing memos, and more!

We are excited about the new direction Sound is headed in and hope you join us in celebrating.