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While the industry has been buzzing about Sound’s new ad campaign, the newest news is all about looks. Shying away from tried and true, Sound has grown up and its facelift is catchy, bold and modern. Just ask Melvin, he’ll tell you that Sound never cuts corners on its image, or product for that matter.

Sound has revamped its corporate image including logo, stationary, web site, messaging, internal communication, packaging – you name it. No more orange tones and cliché product images – Sound has taken a stance with its modern brand approach and its new logo, design and packaging shows it. But it’s not just a logo that demands this kind of attention; it’s the company’s new attitude of change and shepherding others to join them in a veterinary revolution.

You will be receiving new stationary, cards, email templates - you name it. After logging in, please click on FILESHARE to the right and download all the new branding materials for your use including the new Logo, PPT templates, electronic stationary when writing memos, and more!

We are excited about the new direction Sound is headed in and hope you join us in celebrating.

TruDR nx has arrived

TruDR nx has arrived, not just physically but functionally. Mark Skeels and his team have done an unbelievable job putting TruDR nx together and you are about to reap the rewards for their efforts. Tomorrow is the ‘Showdown’ and we are set to outperform.

I have had the good fortune to participate hands on in the beta process at VMSG and work with Mark as he has perfected images. This is where it stands:

Image Quality:
Latitude – not only is our latitude now as good or better than Eklin and everyone else, but our latitude is spread across a broader spectrum from black to white rather than dark gray to light gray. That means better contrast and more ability to discern small differences. The tiniest glands and lymph nodes are readily apparent. Amazing latitude on every image.
Noise – Our Noise has always been lower than everyone else’s. I was worried about going backwards on this for large abdomens and hips. However, Mark developed algorithms that have completely relieved my fears on this point.
Detail – our detail is as good as ever and still light years beyond anyone else’s.

Last night Mark and I went through all the Eklin Show Down images and compared them to like images from TruDR nx. There is no real fight anymore, we have better images.

Only four techniques suffice for perfect repeatable images on every shot imaginable. What could be easier than that?

Auto-croping crops every image down to the collimated area.

Auto calibrations happen when the techs are away from the machine and take 10-15 seconds. This keeps the plate in perfect working condition with no work from the techs.


Pixel This!

Sound Delivers Sharper Images with SoundVu NX
-- New Technology Makes a Difference in Diagnostics Pixel by Pixel --

Carlsbad, CA – Imagine looking at a DR image and trying to decipher between anatomy and simple image noise. Although it gets paid too little attention, noise-suppression is vital to quality images. An expert in this field, Sound Technologies has announced the release of SoundVu NX - an image-enhancement upgrade to their TruDR digital radiography product.

A leader in digital radiography systems, Sound has raised its own bar by creating an imaging system that suppresses noise while enhancing edge and contrast. Using adaptive multi-frequency tuning technology and a metal safe algorithm, the new software analyzes the relationship between pixels to examine pixel structure and orientation.

What does this mean for veterinary medicine? “This type of detail visible can clearly make a diagnostic difference,” says Mark Skeels, DVM, DABVP and chief medical officer for Sound Technologies. “SoundVu NX can separate structures from noise while enhancing the real details of the structures in the image by giving a custom enhancement to each pixel based upon the type of structure it is part of. We created SoundVu NX to take TruDR to a new level of clarity for the veterinarian.”

SoundVu NX is especially beneficial for orthopedics, even with implants. “It provides amazing orthopedic detail,” Skeels adds. “With our new algorithms for metal implants, we do not lose the sharpness or detail in trying to avoid lines or halos near the implants.”

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